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TELCOMM: Free Space Optics Networks

Free Space Optics Networks Free space optical & infrared laser systems FastLinks offers a wide range of free space optical (FSO) or infrared laser systems. These types of systems have a limited range (up to 2 miles) in comparison to radio systems, however are more secure and are typically moreRead More

INFO: Our Famous Past Team-Members

Famous Poachings “You know you have made it when the biggest players on Earth steal your executives” – GM Boss Scott is a technologist and start-up guy in California. Bill Gates, personally poached a CEO Scott had hired in order to CEO Gates’ new spin-off company. Scott said: “Mad? HeckRead More

TELCOMM: Free atmospheric broadcasting of radio, TV and teletext with laser radiation

Title: Free atmospheric broadcasting of radio, TV and teletext with laser radiation Authors: Tsitomeneas, Stefanos; Voglis, Evangelos Affiliation: AA(TEI of Piraeus, Greece), AB(TEI of Piraeus, Greece) Publication: Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 3423, p. 276-280 . (SPIE Homepage) Publication Date: 07/1998 Origin: SPIE Abstract Copyright: (c)  SPIE–The International Society for Optical Engineering.Read More


Public Technology Electro-Optics Multi-Media Demonstrations What happens when you give a legion of engineers a whole mountain in the middle of San Francisco?… …They beam light, audio and video to over two million people….just for fun! Take 148 crew, one mountain, a city center with 7 million people around itRead More


Some Of The Patents We Have Won, After Extensive FEDERAL CONFIRMATION Review, and Validation, by the U.S. Government.   Peer To Peer Mesh Internet Video, Audio Mesh Internet Data Distribution. System and methods for providing load balanced secure media content and data delivery in a distributed internet environment. Now knownRead More

TELCOMM: How Far Can Light-Casting Cast? “TO THE MOON, ALICE!”

Adam Mann Science NASA Shoots Lasers at the Moon to Create Insanely Fast Internet Click to Open Overlay GalleryNASA’s Lunar Lasercom Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory (OCTL) Terminal, sending a laser beam to the moon. Image: NASA NASA has set a new record for communication in space, beaming information to andRead More


Disaster Recovery The San Francisco Loma Prieta Post-Quake Trauma Center. DELIVERED on a few hours notice, for the City of San Francisco   Whenever a disaster happens, you need to have a solution for it 5 minutes later. If you don’t have solutions for disasters, that come within 5 minutes of the incident,Read More

ENERGY: Get The Car of the Future, Today!

Why Are These Kinds of Cars Better? Let’s Take A look at Toyota’s Answer To That Question: [wpvideo GlyLVuI9] VIDEO LINK: Want to drive the future, today? Here are some great manufacturers who will get you on the road: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE TOYOTA PRODUCT AREA CLICK HERERead More


A collection of past project documentation and interesting images showing the scope of development Scott, and his Team, have produced on behalf of clients, employers and community. Shown: Media projects, Product Designs, Delivered Programs, Software Screen Shots, Press Events and more… Check back for new images and surprises… TOP PASTRead More


Sample Art Direction and Visualization Project Samples of Art Direction in which Scott Over-The-Shoulder art directed some of the top story-board artists in the industry in order to derive a consistent look from various hands. Notice how the art, by many artists, holds the look and that the final filmRead More


Philanthropy And Community Programs Philanthropy, Community Service & Public Policy Clever supports community service. We have benefited such groups as: Team Leader, Scott has worked extensively on the community programs. Appreciation from some of the community service programs, Scott has helped with, include:  

TELCOMM: Broadcast With Light

Beat Wi-fi by hundreds of miles… Invest, license or purchase. Read More >>> PATENTED LI-FI LIGHT-CASTING MAIN Rev. 2.3


DATA CENTER POWER ADVANTAGES: Why are we better than any competing solution?: Our competitors must use problematic pressure tanks for fuel which require OUTDOOR SAFETY CAGES and OUTSIDE-TO-INSIDE H2 CONDUITS which can conduct interference into the very structure you are trying to keep it out of. We dramatically reduce the infrastructure cost perRead More

TELCOMM: Laser Antenna For Light-Casting In Specific Circumstances

Laser Antenna For Light-Casting In Specific Circumstances Overview The Laser Antenna is a block capable of establishing a communication link between units. Contrary to the Antenna, it does not broadcast the ship/station name of the specific systems it is on, giving an advantage on P2P servers – communication between twoRead More

ENERGY: More Advantages For Solid State Fuel Cell Power

Unlike competing solutions, the only exhaust material is drinkable water Unlike competing solutions, you can get all of the fuel raw stock right inside your own state Unlike competing solutions, there is no need to invade any other country for the materials Unlike competing solutions, the exhaust material does notRead More

PORTFOLIO: Scott and The President’s Of The United States

Scott has received commendations, grants and special notations from 3 U.S. Presidents and “hit-jobs” and harassment from a fourth.   From Ronald Reagan:

ENERGY: Market Updates On Mobile FCE Power

Market News JOIN THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ORGANIZATIONS, COMPANIES, GROUPS, ADVOCACIES AND CLIENTS THAT ARE DELIVERING THE FUTURE; TODAY!   Analyst View: Fuel Cell Vehicles – Not a Dream but a Plan Download as PDF The European Hydrogen Road Tour 2012 has had a clear message: ‘hydrogen vehicles are already here and readyRead More


TOP CONTRACTS FROM PAST EFFORTS: We have worked with Fortune 2000 and Government 1000 companies and agencies, as well as lesser-known brands, to provide services to, both, small and large organizations. Our clients and employers, know us as the engine behind many of their most spectacular innovations, campaigns, products and projects. We greatly enjoys projects which contribute toRead More

ENERGY: Industry News Regarding Our Technology

Where can you see the technology at work?: Clean, green, bountiful, non-carcinogenic, efficient, long-range energy is something the “other guys” can’t compete with. History and scientific fact has now proven that our systems were (as predicted), and are, the best bet for national energy independence for each country, dependable long range vehicle systems,Read More


Press Acclaim Press Acclaim For Successful Projects, Products & Programs Our projects are sometimes so successful, that our clients get great media coverage on them:

ENERGY: Seawater Offers a Brand New Way to Produce Clean Energy

Zain Charkawi     As the world starts to move away from using fossil fuels towards cleaner and greener forms of energy, there seems to be more and more alternatives arising from somewhat unlikely sources. For instance, scientists have just found a way to use seawater as a clean and renewable energyRead More


Scott was the first person to conduct a light concert for the entire City of San Francisco from Coit Tower

ENERGY: The Fuel Cell Cars Are Here Now! –

INFO: The Very First Google


TELCOMM: LFi Vs. Fiber

The Latest Threat to Fiber Networks Will Smith December 12, 2014 With apologies to Dr. Evil, I have one simple request: Internet with frickin’ lasers. Lasers are cool. The Internet is cool. Combining the two sounds like one of the best ideas since peanut butter and jelly. But, until recently,Read More


San Francisco Blues Festival Logistics We ran logistics for the San Francisco Blues Festival working with the Founder: Tom Mazzolini and the Co-Sponsors: The National Park Service. The San Francisco Blues Festival broke the record as the longest continuously operated American music festival in national Park service history.     [vimeoRead More

TELCOMM: Light-Phone Patents Can Use Light Recently Discovered To Exist in a Previously Unknown Form to Broadcast Internet and Phone

Light-Phone Patents Can Use Light Recently Discovered To Exist in a Previously Unknown Form to Broadcast Internet and Phone Source Newsroom: Imperial College London Nature Communications Newswise — New research suggests that it is possible to create a new form of light by binding light to a single electron, combiningRead More


Internet Music and Video Distribution, Video-On-Demand (VOD) During his work on the development of synthetic virtual environments, later known as “virtual reality”, Scott found that the quality of the image data, in VR, was limited by the network. So, he set out to create photo-real network-capable video. This led himRead More

INFO: Innovation is Our Brand

Scott Douglas Redmond Producer/Project Lead Patent Awarded Product Developer Public Policy Strategist/Law Enforcement Consultant Multi Start-up Launched Venture Solutionist Global solutions for big-picture challenges Logistical, Operational, and Technology Deployments – No Challenge Is “Too Big”!   Scott and his teams of hundreds of best-of-class experts launch industry-firsts, companies, products andRead More


Virtual Reality & Simulation/Visualization Technologies Our team is known as “The Father’s of VR”. They built, and received U.S. Government patent awards on, the first immersive VR and augmented digital reality systems. Some of those systems were very expensive, as high as $2.5M at the time. Now you buy them in retailRead More

ENERGY: Saving Billions of Dollars By Energy Time-Shifting

Saving Billions of Dollars By Energy Time-Shifting Our technology can provide frequency regulation services by absorbing electricity from the grid, when there is too much energy on-grid, and storing it as solid state energy in a system of cassettes. These cassettes are also constantly being enhanced by solar and wind energy. When thereRead More


Our teams have been engaged to produce and/or manage million square foot+ venues with hundreds of thousands of people. We layout the operation, stage the logistics, source all suppliers and infrastructure, run the operations, keep everyone safe and then disappear these entire “temporary cities” as if they were never there.Read More

ENERGY: New catalyst found for clean energy fuel

New catalyst found for clean energy fuel  by Colin Poitras Cover of the March 2016 Advanced Materials journal. (A.M. El-Sawy et al., “Oxygen Reactions: Controlling the Active Sites of Sulfur-Doped Carbon Nanotube–Graphene Nanolobes for Highly Efficient Oxygen Evolution and Reduction Catalysis,” …more A team of UConn chemists led by professorsRead More