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Scott Douglas Redmond

  • Producer/Project Lead
  • Patent Awarded Product Developer
  • Public Policy Strategist/Law Enforcement Consultant
  • Multi Start-up Launched Venture Solutionist

Global solutions for big-picture challenges

Logistical, Operational, and Technology Deployments – No Challenge Is “Too Big”!


Scott and his teams of hundreds of best-of-class experts launch industry-firsts, companies, products and programs

Founder and U.S.Government Patent Winner:

The first two documented social network companies

The first documented web video broadcasting and public video uploading company

The first documented web-based prefab home building company

The first documented P2P emergency communications service and Apple Store P2P app

The first documented free services-providing search engine

The first documented mobile power pack company to beat the metrics of every other battery-maker, received an award from Congress and created a paradigm shift in transportation

Scott has demonstrated decades of service for national and global public service programs. Scott has produced dozens of products and technologies and hundreds of programs managed from inception to completion. He has received extensive reference letter sets as well as industry and media acclaim for technologies and products in use by billions of users around the world in the media, communications, DoD and related industries.


Scott’s successful projects, for his clients, have been featured in top international press

Scott’s Expertise Includes:

  • Innovation Design, Engineering and Product Development
  • Project Launch and Deployment
  • Trends-Analysis and Planning Accuracy Futurist
  • Program Contingency Planning and Operations
  • Congressional and Policy Programs

“Every company created and launched by Mr. Redmond was the first of it’s kind, in a new industry, that eventually became a multi-billion dollar market…. “
– Dan Brown

Q&A Session:

Q. Scott got in battles with Sony, Google and Two Senators. Why?
A. Scott doesn’t like not-getting-paid for his work.

Q. Did Scott Build Google?
A. Maybe. Scott created TechMate/UNIFREE before Google even existed in 1985 and it was advertised in newspapers and registered in government records and marketed and operated. UNIFREE, offered everything that Google later offered years before Google even existed. Google’s founders asked to look at Unifree, then they started Google. At the very least Scott inspired Google; at worst Google simply copied UNIFREE and re-named it. Google appears to be an exact clone of UNIFREE based on Google’s investor’s meetings with Scott.

Q. Did Scott Build YouTube?
A. Maybe. Scott created ClickMovie before Google’s YouTube even existed. ClickMovie, offered everything that YouTube later offered years before YouTube even existed. Google’s founders asked to look at ClickMovie, then they started YouTube. At the very least Scott inspired YouTube; at worst Google simply copied ClickMovie and re-named it. YouTube appears to be an exact clone of ClickMovie based on Google’s investor’s meetings with Scott.

Q. What is the thing that Scott is in the history books for?
A. Scott is the first person in history to ever have the U.S. Government state in a court ruling that rogue parts of the U.S. Government had engaged in verifiable corruption against a U.S. taxpayer. The U.S. Federal Court, in relevant part, ruled against the U.S. DOJ’s Motion as it pertained to Mr. Redmond’s two Administrative Procedures Act (“APA”) lawsuits because Mr. Redmond “properly alleged” that political cronyism unlawfully infected DOE’s decision-making in both the ATVM and LG programs in violation of the APA. This was a significant and history-making ruling because prior to this ruling, no court had ever held that cronyism or political favoritism could result in a grant or loan program being administered in an arbitrary and capricious manner.

Q. What is “THE BET”?
A. A specific group of Silicon Valley billionaires, that copied Scott’s technology without paying for it, like to mouth off in a manner which denigrates Scott’s accomplishments in order to distract from the fact that they stole some of their technology. At parties, press conferences and public events, Scott always offers “THE BET” as a response to such nay-sayers. “The Bet” is the following:

Put your money where your mouth is! If you say that Scott didn’t do that technology first then escrow one million dollars with the bank today and meet Scott in Federal Court, or before a Grand Jury or before a Special Prosecutor on live TV and let’s look at all of the subpoena-provided evidence. If he proves to a jury, given equal legal representation, that he did, the bank escrow officer will give him your money.”

Q. Scott created the first peer-to-peer mesh network products that became Bittorrent, Akamai, Kontiki and other major media efforts, according to the U.S. Patent Office. Did he do that to make stealing movies easier?
A. Never! Scott made P2P Mesh network technology to make high definition video move over the web to all viewers so that IP-based networks could save big networks money. Scott has never condoned the illegal use of intellectual property. This is proven by his drive to protect his own intellectual property rights.

Q. Did Scott invent virtual reality?
A. No. Nobody invented virtual reality. VR is the use of any technology to re-create an idea from your imagination. Jaron Lanier invented the glove with fiber optics. Polhemus invented spatial sensors. Scott invented complete VR systems like the “HoloDeck” and “The Cave”, tactile VR extrusive surfaces and VR computers as glasses. Ivan Sutherland invented computer graphics spatial assignments and Eric Howlett invented the LEEP lenses used in all VR systems. The who-did-what-when dates are all established in U.S. Patent filings, White House letters to Scott and NDA signed disclosures.

Q. Did Google and Gawker get together to put media hit jobs on Scott and others?
A. Yes

Q. Is Scott secretly a consultant for the TV Series: “Silicon Valley” ?
A. Not as far as anyone knows, but he really thinks the show is spot-on!


Technology Innovation Leadership and Project Management Track-Record:

(Click highlighted links, below gallery, for documentation)


Inventor, Designer, Patent Awardee, Engineer of the first integrated virtual reality system

Creator, Designer, Patent Awardee of UNIFREE ™, the first “Google”-like web space before Google even existed

Co-founder, Producer of 200,000+ person rapid erection temporary city, delivered multiple years, employing over 1.8 million square feet

Inventor, Designer, Patent Awardee, Engineer of CLICKMOVIE.COM, the first internet media-on-demand broadcasting web-site, now emulated globally, and in use by billions of internet users. Existed before YouTube, Netflix Streaming, Napster, Bittorrent, etc. 

Logistics Director of America’s longest continually operated national public heritage program, produced in cooperation with The National Park Service

Inventor, Designer, Patent Awardee, Engineer of wireless power micro-thruster propulsion technology, now in use globally, in the aerospace industry

Inventor, Designer, Patent Awardee, Engineer for the first VR and computer-as-wearable-glasses product and consultant for Oliver Stone’s Wild Palms project

Producer, Designer for the world’s first 360 degree multi-axis rotation full-immersion flight & movement simulator powered entirely by a PC. Sold globally.

Inventor, Designer, Patent Awardee, Engineer, Founder operating online social network companies with state and federal registration documentation as early as 1976

Inventor, Designer, Patent Awardee, Engineer and first filing, as confirmed by federal government, for hand-held, color, touch-screen MP3 player/smartphone

Designer, Engineer, Congressional Commendation Awardee, Federal Grant Awardee, Historical Patent Portfolio Awardee for sustainable energy technology

Producer, Developer for the first major public events system for Fort Mason Center and The National Park Service


Creator, Producer of the first peer-to-peer, mesh-network, emergency communications network and related Apps, including DEMOCRI-C ™ and the Japanese Tsunami Emergency Communicator

Inventor, Designer, Patent Awardee, Engineer, Founder of the longest range, most-crash-resistant, best value, easiest to manufacture electric car engineering platform

Producer, Founder of “The NowHouse Project” for The City of San Francisco, National Association of Home Builders, CNET and various charities. Constructed at the San Francisco Giants Stadium and the Alice Griffith Community Center and participating consultant in follow-on TV series on Discovery Home Channel with Better Homes & Gardens

Producer, Designer, Engineer of the world’s first, and largest, urban electro-optic broadcast multi-media event. Viewed by nearly 8 million participants & broadcast on radio & TV

Initiative co-sponsor: THE USA JOBS ACT, which was signed into federal law

Founder, Developer of the first pre-fab, digitally managed sustainable construction services

Director of Promotional Rocketry for Space Vector Corporation and developer of first Space Inflatable Earth
Visible Tri-structure Satellite

And many more delivered, “mission impossible”, novel solutions and completed contracts…

Scott has spent most of his life building and delivering products and services which provide a paradigm shift improvement in the quality of life for the world. The projects he is hired to undertake, generally, serve broad demographics on a global basis.

  • Scott has helped launch stand-alone start-ups, as well as spin-offs for corporations. Clients give Scott, and his team a budget parameter and simply say: “Get it done!”
  • Scott, philanthropically, donates a portion of his resources to community service on an annual basis.
  • Scott is known for his ability to visualize, architect and deliver cutting-edge products and project management. He has proven that he can overcome even the most challenging technical and operational road-blocks. Through clever logistics, persistence, innovation and raw power, Scott, and his Teams, can tear through any obstacle to deliver your project.


  • Scott has been awarded dozens of state and federal commendations for innovation, as the engineer, developer and product lead for products and services in use by people world-wide. Through his ground-breaking innovations and astonishing productivity, he has demonstrated a phenomenal ability to see all of the contingencies and deliver results that tangibly enhance the way people experience their world. His expert visionary skills allow him to see any problem, understand it, and solve it. He can build the solution and prepare the team to volume-deliver that solution.
  • Scott enjoys projects that are challenging and can offer a paradigm-shift improvement in a process. Clients and employers hire Scott to help them deliver efforts that others say are “impossible” product, project or services challenges.”
  • His projects, for his clients and employers have been acclaimed in industrial media globally, including:

See Scott’s past projects in documentation videos CLICK HERE


Scott has gifted some of his patents to the world via public domain release, along with “how to” instructions. Some patents have been sold to investment and development groups. Every product was, initially, reduced to practice and offered to the commercial, or retail market. Scott is the original inventor of the below systems and technologies.

In some cases, clients started entire companies based around some of Scott’s patents. Most of the patents are considered “seminal”, in that no record of any other party developing that technology, prior, has been found by government researchers. Scott was shown to be the original inventor, practising entity and first-to-market.

His technology was so effective, that one competing entity spent over $15M running tabloid attacks to try to shut his Team down. Not only did the attack not work, but the attackers found themselves under federal investigation for their trouble. Per the U.S. Government, state, federal and client documentation, and media acclaim – Scott delivered the architecture behind Sony Vue, Bittorrent, Apple VR, Glasses-based visual computing head-sets, Akamai relay, Sony VR, Kontiki, ECD energy cassettes, Democri-C, VUDU, YouTube, Intelligent Energy cassettes, Serval, and many more industry standards.

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