The “Bad Guy” list. Help us bring dirty-dealers to justice.

When people, or companies, break the law, Scott and his Team are sometimes hired to help law enforcement go get the “bad guys”.

When people, or companies, steal Scott’s, or his clients intellectual property, Scott and his Team are sometimes hired by stakeholders to help go get the “bad guys”.

When the “bad guys’ hire hit-job tabloids and shill reporters to produce defamation attacks, Scott, his Team, law enforcement, Congress, media good guys and public forensics groups hunt those media “bad guys” down.

It is not OK for them to “CHEAT RATHER THAN COMPETE”.


Scott and his associates are seeking litigation investors and lawsuit financiers for the following cases:

    • Seeking sponsorship for a lawsuit Against Sony Pictures Entertainment for failures to pay for work done and for ripping-off Intellectual Property. Plaintiffs built the original technology that became Sony Morpheus, Sony Clie, Sony MovieLink, Sony Vue, Playstation Social Media and other products recently released by Sony. Records prove that Sony had none of these technologies prior to contacting Plaintiffs. Sony signed emails, letters, secrecy agreements, distribution field trial agreements and other materials with Plaintiff and flew Plaintiffs to present at their board meetings. Sony said they were buying Plaintiffs time and Plaintiffs business assets in order to own these things but Sony has never paid their bills and recent hacks and law enforcement evidence shows that Sony lied to Plaintiffs and intentionally stole Plaintiffs trade secrets and patented technology. Sony Pictures was an old-fashioned movie studio that realized it had no clue and no skills in digital technology, and still does not, as evidenced by the recent “largest hack in media history”. Sony asked Plaintiff to solve their media technology problems because of Plaintiff’s extensive first-to-market media invention track record. As soon as Sony executives saw the multi-billion dollar potential of Plaintiff’s novel technology, they began jumping ship from Sony saying that “Sony was embedded in old-school movies and an inability to innovate” and they competed with Sony using the technology Sony showed them from Plaintiff’s work with Sony. Sony copied Plaintiff’s technology after pretending to be “arranging to buy Plaintiff’s, time and technology” in order to defraud Plaintiff. Plaintiff then became a federal witness and was recently shown internal Sony evidence and outside investigation evidence which proves that Sony engaged in fraud, theft, interference and other actions against Plaintiff in order to “cheat rather than compete” in the open market. Sony’s own patent files list Plaintiff as Sony’s sole third party resource for Sony’s ideas for web video-on-demand.Test lawsuit filed. Sony sold the patents which Plaintiffs helped create and which named Plaintiffs, within the patents, to AT&T and Dish Networks without compensation to Plaintiffs. (Complaint drafted. Jury Trial Demanded)
    • Seeking sponsorship for a lawsuit against the Univision/Unimoda/Gaker/Gizmodo/Jalopnik tabloid group for running a lifetime character assassination program on the Internet that they were hired to do as political reprisal program. Defendants placed defamation movies and articles in front of 7.5 billion people, which was refreshed daily, for the lifetime of the Internet, using billions of dollars of consciously manipulated servers and algorithms. Digital analysis, whistle-blowers and emails prove that the Gawker Cartel worked with Google to operate a $30M+ global reprisal, vendetta political attack program against Plaintiffs and that they took compensation in exchange for operating these retribution programs against Plaintiffs. Test lawsuits filed. (Complaint drafted. Jury Trial Demanded)
    • Seeking sponsorship for a recovery team to collect hundreds of thousands of dollars won in a federal lawsuit wherein the Defendant skipped town. Tactical skip trace investigator financing is sought. Private investigators have developed a case file on the target. (Court awarded decision, Collection service tactical recovery service group sought )
    • Seeking sponsorship for a lawsuit against Google/Alphabet/YouTube for running a lifetime character assassination program on the Internet that they were hired to do as political reprisal program and for ripping off Intellectual Property. Global 1000+ node testing array deployed across the Internet, by Plaintiffs and associated federal investigators, proved that Google was rigging the Internet to damage and harm “enemies” while hyping “friends” and investors.  Test lawsuit filed. (Complaint drafted. Jury Trial Demanded)
    • Seeking sponsorship for a lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins and their past Executives for paying for a lifetime character assassination program on the Internet as a political reprisal program, for putting moles in Plaintiffs projects to spy on and sabotage those projects and for ripping off Intellectual Property. Kleiner Perkins senior staff, including founder Tom Perkins, would solicit Plaintiffs, under NDA’s and confidentiality agreements, seeking Plaintiffs technology ideas and start-up business plans. They would come to Plaintiffs as “window men” under the guise of “seeking to invest” or “due diligence”, acquire the technology intelligence, reject the opportunity, copy the start-up and do it themselves under a new name while black-listing Plaintiff and running opposition anti-trust interference against Plaintiff’s seminal technology companies. (Complaint drafted. Jury Trial Demanded)
    • Seeking sponsorship for a lawsuit against Zenimax and Facebook for infringement of VR Technology Intellectual Property rights. Provided evidence in the Zenimax Vs. Facebook VR case. (Complaint notes drafted. Jury Trial Demanded)
    • Seeking sponsorship for a lawsuit against Bittorrent for coming into one of our start-ups, spying on our technology and then starting the company Bittorrent, later, using Plaintiffs technology. (We previously sued them, got them to admit fault and now wish to bring a stronger case against them) (Complaint drafted. Jury Trial Demanded)
    • Seeking sponsorship for an anti-trust violations and interference lawsuit against Tesla Motors.
    • Seeking sponsorship for various patent infringement lawsuits for infringements of issued patents. (Some claims charts drafted) (Complaint drafted. Jury Trial Demanded)
    • Plaintiffs are willing to pursue, or assist with, a class-action or joint-venture-action anti-trust lawsuit against The Silicon Valley Cartel as exampled in the winning “High Tech No Poaching” career rigging class-action lawsuit which was filed and won for $145 Million by associates of Plaintiffs and provides background evidence for such a case as well as the FBI and AG investigation into Silicon Valley Cartel collusion, valuation rigging and stock market rigging in the so-called “AngelGate” investigation. (Complaint drafted. Jury Trial Demanded)