Scott Douglas Redmond has won numerous federal patent awards, Congressional awards, innovation awards, federal grants, commendations and has received hundreds of letters of references from top policy leaders, corporate executives, past clients and employers. A patent is like a little lawsuit with the U.S. Government. You file a notice that you have invented something. Then the U.S. Government files a notice back to you saying "nope, no you didn't, prove it..." Then you file things that prove that you were the first, orginal, inventor of that thing. Then the U.S. Government uses it's entire compliment of investigation and research tools to confirm if you were really the inventor. You can't just "pay some money and get a patent". In those rare cases when the U.S. Government awards you a patent, it means that the entire U.S. Government has decided to stand behind you and say: "Yep, we checked it out, this guy really is the one who invented this thing!". Getting a patent is a big deal because it means that years of federal investigation has confirmed that you really were the one who created that thing.

Scott received the patent on his design, build and deployment of the pressure membrane car body, a clome of which was produced by this Japanese company.