Scott has provided decades of service to country, community via innovative problem-solving.

Scott assembles and runs teams that deliver solutions for your next big challenge!

Anybody can hire an engineer from some HR firm but nobody can hire the creativity, pre-emptive solution design and novel intellect that Scott, and his teams, offers unless they hire Scott!

Scott can see the challenges that most clients and employers don't even know are coming. He can fix them before they happen. Scott can see all of the contingencies and plan around them before trouble strikes.

Build the future with Scott.

Give him a budget, an impossible challenge and a deadline and he will deliver what nobody else can!


- Management Of Complex Programs

- Product Design, Invention and Development

- Creative and Technology Direction

- Strategic Innovation Operations and Conceptual Block-Busting

Scott can:

  • Launch your start-up
  • Manage multi-million person programs
  • Invent your next industry-changing product
  • Manage your regional, national or global program
  • Build your prototypes
  • Deliver your digital media program
  • Terminate your competitors
  • Run your campaign
  • Put your brand or PR camapign on the map
  • Deeply research any subject and resolve challenge-issues
  • Hybridize novel technologies
  • Run diverse impact development teams
  • Accomplish in an hour what it takes others a day to do
  • And BUILD THE FUTURE to turn your budget in assets...




Scott Douglas Redmond has developed, launched and sold numerous companies and technologies.

Scott Douglas Redmond Produced a Large Number Of Major Urban Electro-Optical Programs For Millions Of Participants. These programs set many event and technical records for "firsts". Scott directed, designed, developed and engineered these presentations.

Energy production and storage technologies by Scott Douglas Redmond. Scott won numerous federal patent awards, Congressional awards, innovation awards, federal grants and broke energy storage records.

Scott Douglas Redmond designed, built and patented some of the first video-on-demand hardware devices.

Scott Douglas Redmond Produced One of Ray Charles Last Outdoor Concerts. It was presented for 200,000+ live audience members in the San Francisco Polo Fields.

Scott Douglas Redmond and his Team produced, developed, engineered and delivered fully functional software that was first-to-market and first-of-its-kind in media, video-on-demand, VR, IT, P2P, Aerospace, Telecom, medical and other industries. 

Scott Douglas Redmond was the Artistic Director For hundreds of projects. He created and over-the-shoulder directed visualization artists from Disney, LucasFilm, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and other graphics arts leaders to show his concept ideas for future deliverables. Scott has produced original art for many of his projects.

Scott Douglas Redmond was the Founding Producer For Footstock. Footstock was a 200,000+ person rapid-built city, concert and public event like Woodstock. Scott produced it for over a decade on 2.5 million square feet of space in San Francisco.

Scott Douglas Redmond and his Team designed and built numerous pressure-membrane air structures.

Scott Douglas Redmond has donated a portion of his resources to charity and community service each year

Scott Douglas Redmond delivered some of the first digital social networks.

Scott Douglas Redmond was one of the promotional graphics coordinators for Olympic-type events and major media launches including the creation of novel new media technologies

Scott Douglas Redmond helped coordinate the conversion of Fort Mason Center from a WW2 dump to one of the leading public spaces in the nation. The site broke attendance, use and "first-ever" records under Scott's producership.

Scott Douglas Redmond was Creative Director and Operations Lead on numerous large public promotions which delivered huge media coverage for his clients.

Before YouTube, Hulu, Vudu, Netflix Streaming, Sony VUE, Napster, Bittorrent or Kontiki existed, Scott had already delivered Clickmovie did everything that those later competitors did before any of them even existed. Scott Douglas Redmond recived multiple US patents confirming him as first-to-invent and deliver web video-on-demand.

Scott Douglas Redmond led product design, engineering and product development on major market launches for top product designs in automotive, defense, energy, aerospace, media, telecom and more...

Scott Douglas Redmond was the Producer, Director, Author of "STAR RANGER". This award-winning film was the first 3D VR theme park ride film produced entirely on PC computers instead of Linux workstations.

Scott Douglas Redmond was the Logistics Director for over a decade with the SF Blues Festival. It was one of the National Park Service's longest running public heritage events and featured the world's most renown performers

Scott Douglas Redmond Provided The Special Effects For Grace Slick's Album Cover

Scott Douglas Redmond provided operations and technical support to a large number of major community programs which acquired dramatic upside for his clients.

Scott Douglas Redmond Delivers Innovation for Corporations, Investors, Agencies, Community Service Groups, Congress and The Public

Scott Douglas Redmond: Developer, Patent Winner, Producer and Innovator for key VR, tactical and flight simulator industry "firsts" including the "Holodeck/Cave VR Chamber", VR Glasses wearables, CyberChair, the "First VRML" and Tactile VR Surfaces

Scott Douglas Redmond was Creative Director and Founder of THE NOWHOUSE at The San Francisco Giants Stadium. Scott has led numerous novel construction projects, Presented LIVE and nationally via CNET and the NAHB, millions of people learned about the latest construction technologies with this Smart Home program which was donated to the City of San Francisco and moved by barge to become a permanent community center. Scott's project was the inspiration for the Better Homes & Gardens TV series, which also featured Scott.

EARTHSTAR- By Scott Douglas Redmond. The first orbital visual communications and promotional satellite designed to be Earth-visible to the ordinary person and then burn up in an atmospheric fireworks show. A massive mylar inflatable was designed using old military rockets for boost. The launch company launched America's first private commercial rocket

AMERICAN CLOUD on top of the Hyatt Regency By Scott Douglas Redmond. A space-expansion sculpture.