"Impossible"? : Not so much.

Scott and his teams have specialized in moving mountains

"Impossible" Projects: Delivered! Each and every time!

A 300,000+ person temporary city created in 4 days across two million square feet of space


A patented product that replaces cell phone and wi-fi signals with light


The first documented inventions to use cell phones as VR displays and to put VR displays inside of ordinary glasses

One client said "Wrap our huge building with the largest ribbon and bow in history"

"No Problem!" Scott said



Scott had to rappel down the side of the building in near hurricane force winds

When the San Francisco Symphony and the Hyatt Regency wanted something everybody in downtown San Francisco could see, they called Scott and his Teams. They designed and constructed the largest textile structure ever deployed on the West Coast and created a system which volunteers could participate in for this charity event.