TechMate (tm) is a social media technology company. Since 1976, we have engineered, demonstrated and delivered human interaction via connectivity resources. TechMate was the first Google and even met with Google's later financier: Tom Perkins, to discuss how to expand TechMate, but Perkins decided to "roll his own". One of our most popular social networks was TechMate Social.


By networking telephones, video phones, computers, modems, fax machines, satellites and other communication devices, we connected the world before any of the modern social network services even existed. With newspaper advertisements in regional and national newspapers, we introduced some of the first social media citizens to the fully collaborative web.


We have built emergency communications technologies, entertainment social media tools, news social media resources and other tools for global communications. We have been awarded multiple issued patents as inventors of "first-ever" social media and social network technologies.