The Illuma-laureates of Light! The one-and-only, original, Lumiascapes TM


  • Creators and producers of:

  • The World's First "Lights™" series of urban light displays & installations.

  • LED iIluma-wall™  structure light cords and walls.

  • LumiaNova™ Green/Cleantech LED lighting displays.

  • The World's first interactive city-wide urban light installations.

  • Urban electro-optics as fund-raising promotions for non-profits.

  • The World's largest video screen (via LED matrix rope systems).

- Corporate Art Events - Promotional Art Installations - Ceremonial Art Events - Public Art - Interactive Fund-raising Installations - Brand Spectacularization  TM

Creators of the first green/clean-energy urban light grid super display. NEW: Now Marketing: CITY-GRID TM, The Ultimate Light Concert! Expect your corporate sponsorship package soon or contact us.

A portion of the profits of almost every one of our installations goes to support critical community need programs.

LUMIASCAPES TM Artistic illumination design & structural light installations

About our Atelier: We are a team of engineers, artists, and installation technologists that have teamed up to deliver corporate, promotional, fund-raising and information art installations using novel electro-optical systems. A portion of all of our proceeds are donated to charity. Our staff consists of over 80 contract engineers, technologist, electro-optics specialists and operations experts. Many of our staff have been with us since 1976 For sponsorship packages, budgets, deployment details and incentives please log-in to our sponsorship page once you have received your log-in material from your account supervisor.

We were the first to design, produce and deploy the illuma-Wall TM for large outdoor art installation. We have used this system in commerce and as a fund-raising tool for charity beneficiaries since 1976. Our designs are the copyright, trade-names, trademarks and creative art property of our group. The design of a roll of wire-mounted matrix addressed light units with optical merge for image cognition and computerized relay control of those systems is the intellectual property of our group. We have developed, deployed and marketed the technology product in commerce prior to any other competing entity. For decades we have had factory contracts; factory production; sponsorship contracts; actual installations; City, State and Federal correspondence; City permits; marketing materials in distribution to every major sponsoring corporation and other validating proof of first-to-market innovation. The iIluma-Wall TM bridge and mountain matrix light wall installation has been marketed to the top 400 corporations in America for over 2 decades, built in smaller installations across the Bay Area and was first engineered, and trade-rights deployed by our team Directory of Canvasses- BRIDGE LUMIASCAPES: - Budget Range: $50,000.00 to $2.1M BUILDING LUMIASCAPES:- Budget Range: $15,000.00 to $1,1M MOUNTAIN LUMIASCAPES:- Budget Range: $10,000.00 to $2.1M PERMANENT ARCHITECTURAL INSTALLATIONS: - Budget Range: $10,000.00 to $ Bridge Design & Engineering by Lumiascapes for: Lights 3TM Macy's Skyworks on the Bay, Treasure Island Bay Bridge Event (Caltrans, U.S. Navy, Macy's, City of San Francisco)TM Golden Gate Bridge Anniversary TM San Francisco Bay Lights TM LumiaNova Bay 1 TM Lights TM Lights 2 TM

Here is a sample of our designs, engineering, trade-art, software programming, program-to-machine logic systems, patterning and trade media used in trade with our clients for over two decades and all previously marketed, in writing, for decades:


Our illuma-Wall TM technology has been in use in commerce since the 70's. We are considered to be the inventors, first-to-use, and creators of this matrix- addressed light-rope massive-area installation structure. This system has been marketed to, and contracted by, top tier major corporate and agency leaders from across the country. First deployed using filament lighting matrixes, we later switched to LED systems for greater efficiency. Virtually every major corporate sponsorship group has received our marketing proposal with our marketing data, below, since 2001:

Part 1, In the beginning... From some of our LIGHTSTM first illuma-Wall TM installations:

Proven and validated as the inventors, first-to-use, and creators of this matrix- addressed light-rope massive-area installation structure by:



A Small Sample of Our Highlights From 1972 to today...We are the original creators, producers and owners of the "Lights" TM Visual Installation Electro-Optical Art Programs.

•     Western Electric, AT&T electronic theatrical environment. Promotional display. •     Statue of Liberty event FX design. •     Signetics Electro-optics lobby display. •     Playboy Enterprises electro-optics art sculpture •     Urban visuals for the visit of H.R.M. Queen Elizabeth. •     Memorial services for Congressman Burton, Great Meadow, National Park Service. •     San Francisco Symphony Pops season, computerized electro-optic installation. •     Planetree Health  Center fundraiser, computerized management of 44 simultaneous interactive environments. •     The world's first orbiting electro-optics display. •     1984 Olympics Ceremonies electro-optics pre-planning. •     Civic tribute, City Hall. First dome color illumination and apex lighting of City Hall Dome. •     Interior Design Convention electro-optics, San Francisco. •     Anniversary opening day. Candlestick Park. •     San Francisco Symphony, including Star WarsTM electro-optics concert with John Williams, R2-D2, computerized lasers and visual effects. •     Oakland Coliseum,  show design. •     Anniversary electro-optics, Tiburon Harbor. •     Electro-Optics grand opening technical  management: Opera Plaza. •     Computerized lighting, Galleria. •     San Francisco Giants Opening Day. •     Missoni, University  Art Museum. •     Christmas event, Serramonte Center. •     Fabricator: Holiday  Inn. •     Phenomenon museum,  Pier 39, San Francisco. •     Christmas Light,  effects display, San Francisco. •     Fort Mason Center, designed first major public use systems for National Park Service. •     Distributors Party, Coca Cola USA. •     Beams, electro-optics performance. Coit Tower. •     The Passion of Dracula, On-Broadway Theater. •     The Beaux Arts, San Francisco Civic Auditorium. •     The Hyatt Union  Square, San Francisco. •     S F Cow Palace,  Massive computerized electronic interactive environment, 16,000 attendees. •     Claremont Hotel. •     March of Dimes. •     Showplace Square. •     Holiday Tours, San  Francisco •     Lights, the world's  first and largest computerized interactive performance event, simulcast.  Audience: 800,000+.  Play-along system and full artistic and technical design. International media recognition. •     12,000 person  computerized electronic environment, S F Civic Auditorium •     March of Dimes,  10,000 sq. ft. theatrical walk-through. •     Heligrid,(R) the First flying light-effects flying saucer simulators. •     The First Radio Simulcast Giant Light Concert Sky-Show. •     Cloudpainting,(R) Sky promotions. •     Ski resort mountain-side illuma-wall promotions. •     Giant electro-optic Inflatable Simulations and Graphics Structures. •     Skyparade,(R) Aerial advertising festivals.