From technology exotics to proof-of-concept prototypes that were later delivered to hundreds of millions of users, We bring the future to your market.






  ## SCOTT'S VR Technologies Featured On E! NETWORK. E! Entertainment network segment about our consulting effort for Oliver Stone’s film: WILD PALMS and his development of systemized virtual reality and consumer computer simulators:

## The software that was cloned from our original DEMOCRI-C App:

## Scott's creative process explained, with a little help from some electronic friends..:

## We provided the logistics serices for the San Francisco Blues Festival for The National Park Service. Here are some some fun highlights from America’s longest, continually annual music program:

## Time lapse of how we built the rapid-erection, zero net energy, low toxin NOWHOUSE in rapid time at the San Francisco Giants Stadium as a public service demonstration program and career training effort:

## Scott's junkmail elimination services as part of the "First Google" on-line search and services engine:

## Our VR and flight simulator Project Reel:

  ## Vehicular, transportation and energy technologies we developed:

## Ridefilm and experience simulators we developed:

## Game & VR technologies and products we developed:

## Aerospace technologies our Team's have worked with:

  ## Prior to the VRML browser, Scott and his team designed & built the first 3D, VR, Interactive, video embed-capable web browser...way back on Windows 3.1

## We created the first 200,000+ person post-race sports-city and ran logistics for that event for the “World’s Largest Sports Event, The Bay To Breakers.” as Producer; contracted for design, development and construction of a 1,200,000 square foot temporary “City”, with all of the functions required to keep people safe and functional, for hundreds of thousands of people:

## First prototypes for the Air-Writer(TM). This pen lets you write in the air, or on any surface. It is a digital virtual post-it. It remembers and feeds back the written material that is etched in the air:

  ## Scott's one (and only) Reality TV series....

## For the SouthEast Asian Tsunami, We developed a way show how to use the debris wood to build quick, low cost homes and to create fund-raising for the effort:

## Walkthrough of a non-toxic, zero net energy, rapid erection high-tech demonstration home built at the San Francisco Giants Stadium – Part 2:

## Patent awarded emergency communication pods. Helicopter or drone dropped to disaster zones the instantly form a mesh network and save lives:

## Walkthrough of a non-toxic, zero net energy, rapid erection high-tech demonstration home built at the San Francisco Giants Stadium – Part 1:

## The software Democri-C. The first refugee and emergency services app – Part 1:

## The software Democri-C. The first refugee and emergency services app – Part 2:

## We designed, engineered and were awarded the U.S. patent on wireless energy broadcasting to power ion propulsion craft. Many have wondered how it is possible to broadcast energy across distances. This film not only shows that it possible but very feasible, using very basic technology hybridizations:

## How our P2P Emergency App works and derivitive clone from our IP:

## Years before YOUTUBE, Bittorrent, Netflix Online, or any other web video store, and channel, existed online, we had delivered the future of web media. We have been awarded numerous federal patents and commendations as first-to-invent. Sony Pictures online video system has acknowledged us as their inspiration in their federal filings:

## Some of our oldest issued federal patents, and prototypes, showcase a technology called THE SHAPEWALL ™. This virtual surface technology allowed you to feel shapes that were computer simulated. Here is a clarification example, from a later embodiment of the technology:

## The Tesla Tower and broadcast electricity: not so strange; not so hard to build. Here is how to do it yourself:

## Explanatory video about microthrusters and ion propulsion.  The first patents for this technology were awarded to Scott:

## Patent awarded asymmetrical electronic propulsion lifting platform with off-balance weight compensation. The cell is generating a stream of ions which capture nearby particles and create a flow force which lifts the craft. The technology can work in the water, air or space, with various modifications.

## We developed the concept for the green, high-technology, sustainable, wireless, off-the-grid NowHouse demonstration smart home in the San Francisco Giants Stadium. The two story high, 2200 sq. ft. home took 35 days from bare ground to move-in ready using modern green building technologies. The building was donated to Mayor Gavin Newsom, picked-up up as one unit, wheel mounted, rolled across the SF Giants parking lot, shoved onto a barge at the edge of the SF Bay, sailed down the bay to Candlestick Park, rammed into the shore, and a bridge was built. It was rolled off the barge and mounted on a permanent foundation at the Alice Griffith Community Center where it remains today as a permanent community center as a gift to the City of San Francisco:

## Overview of the NOWHOUSE construction technology national media program:

  ## A documentary segment on THE NEXT STEP, featuring our invention: THE CYBERCHAIR ™, the first virtual reality furniture:

## A competitor demonstrating wireless power broadcasting to power air vehicles. This proves that you can power cars and aircraft by beaming power to them. This shows operational university testing video of an airplane running entirely via broadcast electricity beamed to the airplane from the ground. This was previously said to be "impossible" but our team's specialize in making the "impossible" into reality:

  ## A concept video for a naval scanner probe, launched from sea, using our microthruster electronic wireless broadcast power patent:

## Informational promo video about our patented self-replicating networks and websites technology in use globally for emergency zones:

## We built and deployed the first 3D internet browser with embedded video. This was prior to the existence of VRML software and operated on Windows 3.1:

 ## We Produced and Directed this Ride Film: “STAR RANGER”. It was designed to be experienced in a theme park motion pod. We won the national THE BIG KAHUNA award from 3D Design Magazine. This was the first 3D Stereoscopic ride film to be designed, produced, built and rendered entirely on a PC computer. Prior to this, large, expensive UNIX power stations were the only systems which could do work like this:

## Third party video explaining how aircraft, and vehicles, can currently be powered by wireless energy, per our issued patent and prototypes:​​​​​​​