Product Designs and Engineering

Product Design and Engineering Examples Our clients pay to “rent our brains”. History has proven that we are experts at solving extraordinary problems. In our decades of work, we have been highly productive:
  • Core video-on-demand web architecture working applications with federal confirmations.
  • First PDA/Smartphone as removable VR display design with federal confirmations.
  • Core automotive design for ultra-lightweight vehicles with federal confirmations.
  • Web-based home design and factory manufacturing order automation system.
  • Federal commendation, grant and U.S. Congress commendation for longest range energy storage system with federal confirmations.
  • First immersive web visualization chamber for tactical, medical, design simulation, collaboration with federal confirmations.
  • The first peer to peer media app and emergency communications app with federal confirmations
  • The first documented online social media network with federal confirmations.
  • The first touchscreen tablet/PDA design for wireless mobile color devices with federal confirmations.
  • Wireless energy broadcast to a mobility device and wireless energy broadcast to a vehicle with federal confirmations
A partial list of completed hardware, software and management projects for clients and partners.  Tangible, professional, delivered! Designed, engineering, prototype construction, product management and delivery of of: Projects, Prototypes, Reference Designs, Programs, Campaigns, Launch Efforts, 100K+ person live programs, 3M+ person+ media/web. We take your project from “pipe dreams”, to ideas, to CAD visualizations, to modeling software, to simulation design, to rough-outs, to tangible physical reality in rapid time with polished professionalism. We have always accurately predicted the future; then designed, built and delivered it!

First to see-the-problem, solve the problem and deliver the solution: Every Time!


In addition to designing, building and validation-testing of hundreds of prototypes… Picture CAD/CAM, 3D Printing, Stereo Lithography, computer foam cutting, silk-screen, vinyl cutting, CNC, and every other modern form of rapid production technology.

We also completed:

Hardware/Software: NVIDIA Set-top box on a card Picture The first personal computer web supported video-on-demand set-top-box card. Patents pending & issued. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.
Hardware/Software: Interactive web chair Picture The first interactive, immersive, full-sensory, 3D stereoscopic, high definition, web connected furniture. Multiple patents issued. Featured on numerous network broadcasts. Multiple products designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software: Mobile chemical energy storage packs Picture Multiple patents issued. The first system for mobile chemical power. Over 20 different devices built. Congressional award received. Federal grant awarded. Leading metrics in the world. Multiple products designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software: Personal video social network Picture The first mobile and PC based upload-your-own videos global social network. Pre-dated YouTube by many years. Patented. Deployed on Global internet and Compaq IPAQ, HandSpring, etc, mobile devices. Multiple products designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Management: Footstock Picture Annual 250,000 person, 2.5 million sq. ft, rapid-erection city. Featured Ray Charles, Tower of Power, and others. Oversaw a staff of 580 using computerized management system created by SRDC. Produced, designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Software: VRML 3D web browser Picture The first VRML (Before there was VRML and before there was immersive Quicktime VR) 3D web browser. Included motion video in the icons and 360 degree movable world. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Frame buffered dual eye mouse-driven image panning Picture Before Quicktime VR, SDRC built and showed “Move”TM, the first application which allowed single eye and dual eye/stereoscopic panning around an image on a PC for head tracked VR. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software: The Original Virtual Reality Picture According to the U.S. Patent Office, Major media, industry documentation and presentation documentation, our lead was the inventor, designer, engineer of the first complete virtual reality systems, the CAVE, the Holodeck and related technologies. We built over 40 VR systems and over 80 VR headsets.

Hardware/Software: Torrent-based file distribution client/server application Picture According to the U.S. Patent Office, Major media, industry documentation and presentation documentation, Our lead was the inventor, designer, engineer of the first torrent-based, particulated file data distribution systems and DRM. Patents issued and pending. These were patent filed, deployed and shown years before BitTorrent existed. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software: Web-based social networking client/server application Picture The ad to the left is from the San Francisco newspaper advertising our web-based social network in 1969. This may be the first social network recorded in the industry. We built 4+ social networks prior to, and since that time. Patents pending. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software: Wearable computer displays Picture That article to the left is from a 1993 article about our wearable computer displays, decades before “Glass” or “Oculus” or others. These were the first glasses-format HMD’s. Working units sold to Spectrum Holobyte for the Star Trek project, US Army and many others. Patents issued. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Management: San Francisco Blues Festival logistics director Picture America’s oldest continuously operated music event. Produced in association with the National Park Service. Featured some of the greatest American musicians in history. Layout, crew operations, construction, operations, security, installation. Over 180 direct reports. Year-after-year logistics direction by us.

Hardware/Software: Media-on-demand E-commerce engine client/server app Picture Tranz-ACT TM Built on Oracle, this was the first DB for web VOD commerce. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software: Mobile media-on-demand client/server application Picture Built on the Compaq IPAQ and the Handspring, ClickMovie Mobile TM was the first mobile media-on-demand offering in the market. This patented system helped draw the regular public onto the internet. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software: Mobile energy tracking client/server application Picture EnerTrackerThe first application to track and control home/office energy use and activation while GPS locating remote energy depots for your CNG or electric vehicle. Patented. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Management: Winner: Best in Nation- 3D Producer Picture Our lead won “best in nation” from 3D Design Magazine for the first completed production of a 3D ride film. The film was completed and produced entirely on PC’s. Produced, Directed, Designed by us.

Hardware/Software: PC-based micro-simulator Picture The first PC-based, multi-360 degree/spherical rotation motion simulator. Used nationally. Sold internationally. Patented technology. Produced, Directed, Designed by us.

Hardware/Software: Foam & pressure membrane automotive ultra-light parts Picture First to design, engineer, build, patent and deploy ultra-light vehicle parts to save money, increase range and increase safety. Designed, patented, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software/Management: First urban electro-optic mass audience Lumiascape TM and Light Wall array Picture To the left is a proclamation from the Mayor of San Francisco specifically about the design, engineering, deployment and production of the first, largest and most viewed urban electro-optic mass audience technology system we ever created. Over 3 million people experienced it live.

Hardware/Software: Co-inventing the modern internet Picture To the left are letters from the White House (Via the Vice President) acknowledging our lead for helping to build the consumer phase of the internet by creating technologies which drove consumers to adopt the web. Our staff holds multiple issued patents on modern core consumer internet media technologies and was the first to deploy full-screen, high def, 30 fps, full-range color media-on-demand, VR and SimData over web.

Producer: The NowHouse Picture Our staff Created and co-produced The NowHouse, national green demo home in the SF Giants Stadium and donated it to Mayor and community to become City of San Francisco community center behind Candlestick Park, where it sits today.

Hardware/Software: Democri-C TM peer-to-peer emergency communications app Picture Shipped by Apple TM in the Apple App store. Broke processing The first P2P mobile emergency communications software. The #1 refugee software in the world. Distributed by the USG with over $250M of budget allocated.  Designed, patented, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware/Software: Computerized light wall and pressure membrane interactive structure Picture This computerized construction inside the San Francisco Cow Palace was designed by, engineered by, built by and operated by us. It featured the first indoor use of 5 foot carbon arc luminaires, a dichroic Lumiascape illuma-wall TM light wall and audience-interactive inflatables many stories tall.

Hardware/Software: illuma-Wall Ultra TM Picture Constructed in 1979 on the top of a mountain in the center of San Francisco, this computerized, light wall created novel flowing patterns in light, had telephonic interaction, and was visible from multiple cities across San Francisco Bay. This was the first roped, matrix addressed outdoor installation system. Scott has designed and built a large number of computerized, matrixed illuma-wall media walls. Designed, engineered, deployed, managed by us.

Hardware: Signetics interactive display hardware Picture This interactive display for Signetics used a variety of materials and interacted with the user. The first of its kind. Designed, co-engineered, deployed and managed by us.

Hardware/Software:Tactile telephone/Tactile brick Picture This patented mobile/structure device was the first wireless individual hand carry unit which used matrix-addressed extrusion pins to create interactive surfaces that a gamer or simulation user could experience in a virtual system. The device can be ganged together like children’s building blocks to make entire interactive virtual surface structures, automobile mock-ups, etc. Designed, patented, engineered, built, deployed by us.

Hardware/Software: 4D Headphones Picture By placing a massed layered wall of micro stereo earplug headphones within each ear cup of a larger headphone and addressing those micro headphones with a matrixed sound sculpting software package, We created one of the first headphone systems that provided true wearable spatial sculpted sound. Designed, patented, engineered, built, deployed by us.

Hardware/Software: service Picture was the first online video software, storefront and service. This is what started it all. Designed, patented, engineered, built, deployed by us.

Software: Personal Producer TM Picture This web connected production and upload package was the first application for consumer to make their own movies and upload to the web. Designed, patented, engineered, built, deployed by us.

Software: Web media file particle downloader Picture ClickMovie Manager TM was the first web-specific movie and music file segment downloader ever deployed in the consumer market. Designed, patented, engineered, built, deployed by us.

Software: Web movie pre-loaded opening sequence downloader Picture As acknowledged in Sony’s patent file wrapper, the TZ web movie pre-load commerce system, at the time, was the first movie-on-demand pre-load application to be deployed on the web. Designed, patented, engineered, built, deployed by us.

Software: TZN Movie Player Picture The first application on the web to play high definition, full-spectrum color, 30 FPS, full-screen, non-MPEG as well as MPG. Designed, patented, engineered, built, deployed by us.

Hardware/Software: Computerized vinyl structure graphics Picture One of the first computerized systems for vinyl structure graphics production was developed and delivered  for the Genentech program. Designed, engineered, built, deployed by us.

Management: Location-based entertainment system co-design testing Picture Designed for a major chain of shopping centers. First-of-a-kind system. Project scope: Design and budgeting. Designed, engineered, art-directed and planned by us.

Management: Location-based entertainment system co-design and testing #2 Picture Designed for a major chain of shopping centers. First-of-a-kind system. Project scope: Design and budgeting. Designed, engineered, art-directed and planned by us.

Management: Development of original major public program system for Fort Mason Center Picture Under contract to The National Park Service, we designed, rehabilitated, deployed and produced the first mass audience systems and first programs for the massive Pier facilities.

Hardware/Software: Wireless immersive simulation hardware array Picture The first known, documented wireless immersive 3D simulation array was designed, built and demonstrated by us using technologies our staff has received multiple patents on.

Hardware/Software: Stereoscopic laser scanning remote robotic vehicle Picture One of the first low-cost stereoscopic laser scanning remote operated robotic vehicles with wireless video was designed, built and programmed by us for a NASA demonstration and later used as a utility survey system.

Hardware: Electro-optic dichroic beam projection equipment Picture This optical projection beaming device was demonstrated at Coit Tower in San Francisco by us. It was first designed, configured and deployed by us.

Management: Low space orbiting platform Picture Our staff was contracted as Director of Promotional Rocketry for the first low earth orbit intentionally visible pressure membrane orbiting space platform system.

Hardware/Software: Control matrix address sequencer Picture Designed, configured and deployed by us, this was the first device of it’s kind.

Hardware/Software: Mechanically specific 3D sound positioner Picture This device was designed, co-built and configured by us to provide rapid 3D sound testing.

Hardware/Software: Prius hydrogen/gas/electric conversion Picture We produced, designed and test validated the first long-range system using technology our staff received multiple issued patents on.

Hardware: Movie computer cut graphics Picture For a test project in Oakland, California, we created one of the first movie marquee color translucent computer vinyl cut movie graphic system before anyone had done this process in this manner.

Management: Emergency call center over-night creation Picture When the last big Earthquake struck the Bay Area, there was no PSD call-in center that could operate. The City of San Francisco put our team lead on the job and he, nearly, instantly sourced all of the people, equipment, networks and systems to put the call center online and in full operation.

Hardware: Counter surveillance window shield Picture When law enforcement tactical teams found out the bad guys were spying on them, they needed a quick, effective counter-measure. We built multiple systems which provided a rapid deployment, low-cost result decades ago and that system is still in use today.

Hardware/Software: CDK Picture Our staff has been featured, by name, in Autodesk’s brochure for pioneering work in 3D graphics tools and development.

Hardware: Tactical portable emergency vehicle Picture We designed, developed, engineered, built and patented the first, lightest-weight collapsible vehicle for airlift, remote drive and tactical personal emergency transport.

Management: Industry acclaim Picture Our projects were featured in this copy of Popular Science, in Popular Mechanics and in over 1000+ other industry positive mentions.

Hardware/Software: Mobile punch-list construction project management app Picture BproPlus TM was a Alpha product created for the construction industry to allow wireless job management. The Scope of Work was to design, engineer, test and UI/UX the App.

Hardware/Software: Smartphone/MP3 player Picture We designed, patented, built devices and demonstrated the first mobile PDA touchscreen phone and MP3 player and our staff holds the issued patents on the design and system function. This was prior to iPod’s and iPhones.

Hardware: Shielded, pre-wired, snap fit interlock construction panels Picture Our Scope of Work was to design, engineer and patent file a rapid-erection, pre-wired, EMF shielded snap fit connection insulated construction panel for our partners.

Software: IPOD operated home application Picture The Scope Of Work was to create a beta stage software application which intercepted the IPOD OS and allowed data to be written to the device which could read out lock codes and energy sequence data to control home media and appliances.

Hardware/Software: Microthrusters Picture We designed, engineered and received the issued patent on the first process for using wafer fab technology to produce ion drive propulsion plates to deliver a motive force. This technology is now is use in numerous aerospace, space and has been demonstrated on network TV by MIT. Follow-on IP describes methods and apparatus to optimize and amplify the effect.

Hardware/Software: High-loft edge-of-space global survey craft Picture This novel survey system allows an inflatable craft to lift from any point on earth to 80K+ ‘ altitudes, ride currents, then release a GPS hobby-style model airplane with a pre-loaded GPS-routed survey plan to monitor areas of environmental or disaster recovery concern for local news or emergency services teams. Combined with patented beamed energy Micro thrusters, this system can also provide delivery into space by evading the buoyancy stall point of inflatable lifters. Multiple systems have been launched and flight tested by multiple organizations.

Hardware/Software: Battery fiber optics protection and management system Picture This technology was designed, engineered, patented and built by us. The issued U.S. patent received discloses the premiere method for protecting from battery failure and for producing increasing battery life.

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