Public Technology Electro-Optics Multi-Media Demonstrations

What happens when you give a legion of engineers a whole mountain in the middle of San Francisco?…

 ...They beam light, audio and video to over two million people….just for fun! Take 148 crew, one mountain, a city center with 7 million people around it and more candle-power than many small cities have and you get the first outdoor urban light concerts!

Viewed By Millions

You could see the events, hear the events on the radio, transduce audio from the light and transduce basic video from the light. It was one of the first mass broadcasts using light as the delivery platform. If you were close enough, you could feel the sound. Satellites could see the event. Since 1976, Scott and his Teams have been making the sky more interesting, for young and old.

Scott designed and produced the Coit Tower light display using the first SkyTracker quad head auto-motorized searchlights ever shown by Pichel Industries.   

OUR SKY SPECTACULARS have one goal for the viewer. They want to say: “Hey, See this mountain, ocean, desert or cityscape? You thought it was only limited to this experience…right?.. but look! Now it has become more. Just like this mountain, YOU are only limited by YOUR imagination..Be MORE, Live With Creativity, Broaden YOUR horizons..Nothing is static… FLY!” Armed with lasers, arc luminaries, walls of L.E.D.’s and decades of concert, architectural and large-format presentation multi-media skills, THE SYMPHONY LIGHT ORCHESTRA TEAM brings the impossible to light:  

As the “Laserist” in the San Francisco Symphony, the Banzai’s installed and maintained an exotic electro-optics display in a large theater/auditorium for the “John William’s Star Wars Concert” and the “1812 Overture Spectacular” with the San Francisco Symphony.