Past Affiliations and Memberships:

Affiliated with several professional organizations reflecting a broad range of expertise. Key memberships have included: National Computer Graphics Association; Society for Information Display; Optical Society of America; American Society for Industrial Security; American Institute of Physics; Illuminating Engineering Society of North America; American Film Institute; Association for Computing Machinery - SIGGRAPH/SIGCHI; International Society for Arts, Science and Technology; Society for Manufacturing Engineers; American Society for Testing Materials, International Themed Entertainment Association; International Interactive Communications Society; Media Communications Association; National Computer Graphics Association; Association Internationale du Film D`Animation; Washington Research Institute; National Association of Exhibit Manager, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Fort Mason Foundation; State of California-Dept. of Consumer Affairs; High Power Laser Systems – USDA; San Francisco Symphony Foundation; and many more…

Past Delivered Projects Led By Scott for Clients and Employers:

§ Development, launch & public marketing of TechMate ™, One of the first-ever online social networks in 1986. Advertised in national newspapers. Confirmed by Secretary of State.

§ Recipient of Congressional Commendation in the Iraq War Bill, Federal Grant, listing in the Federal Register, numerous awards and nominations and extensive suite of issued patents on, an instant-swap/recharge battery that runs longer than almost any other battery, can use almost any one of over 3000 chemical configurations, leaves only drinkable water as it's waste, needs no new infrastructure and can be created entirely from domestic materials.

§ First online video broadcast consumer service in 1986 via TechMate™ (per State & Federal) filings.

§ White House commendation for first online interactive video & gaming network in 1994.

§ Recipient of Mayoral proclamations, State Assembly Proclamations and Senator commendation letters.

§ Winner “Scientists Helping America” from DARPA.

§ Developed, patented & built wireless device power system.

§ Received multiple patents for the first extrusive 3D tactile surface technology for virtual, tele-present and augmented reality.

§ Developed wireless social networking technology now in use by industry.

§ Developed & patented electronic propulsion technology which superseded a previous NASA patent.

§ Founder/creator of one of the first, patented, lightest weight, lowest cost-to-manufacture, safest electric car technologies.

§ Founder of one of America’s leading green housing ventures, sponsored by Dwell Magazine and the National Association of Home-Builders.

§ Keynote Speaker: TechTextile material science convention, Las Vegas.

§ Recipient of multiple mayoral and senate proclamations.

§ Associate Speaker: National Education Conference- Chicago

§ Developed community major events facilities and logistics for Fort Mason Center.

§ Keynote speaker: Global Summit for Project Innovation National Convention.

 § Received multiple White House commendation letters from Vice President Al Gore.

 § Developed The NowHouse national home construction technology showcase home at the San Francisco Giant's Stadium. Toured by visitors from around the world and visited online by millions.

§ Facility Manager: Showplace Square commercial design and architectural resources centre as personal associate to founder, Henry Adams.

§ Founder/CEO- for venture-backed start-ups

§ Executive Director: The Family Foundation. Benefitting child, animal, medical & social issues.

§ Winner, National Award for best Producer/Director from 3D Design Magazine.

§ Producer/founder: Footstock. Bay To Breakers Finale section for world's largest race.

§ Logistics Director: San Francisco Blues Festival; America's longest run music festival.

§ Developed and designed the first touring, motion-based, portable theme park, PC-based interactive video attraction for NFL Network Tour.

§ Developed, delivered & patented first global low-bandwidth, DVD-quality internet broadcasting network and delivered the system and multiple working software packages prior to any other online video system of it’s kind. Web products and sites included:, Personal Producer, Trailer Park and others. First to develop, patent and demo peer-to-peer and particulated file media delivery. A global standard for large file delivery as shown in United States patent filings, federal records, filed records, industry reports and other documented proofs of invention. (See Firechat, Napster, Bittorrent, Kontiki, Vudu, MS Avalanche, etc.)

§ U.S. Patent awarded as “First Inventor” of iPhone™ and cell phone P2P Ad hoc multi-antenna/modem networking

§ First to develop, patent and demo mobile media device PDA form factor and architecture and to demonstrate VOD on HP IPAQ PDA. Beat Apple iPhone by 3 years prior IP. Issued and filed U.S. Patents confirmed date in previous invention date dispute.

§ First to invent, patent file, demonstrate and become patent awardee for iPhone™ wearable VR headset integrating iPhone™ into goggles

§ First to present Internet VOD to the largest film studios in Hollywood. Designed web video on demand system for one of the largest Hollywood Studios. Contracts, letters, and communication confirmed.

§ Recipient of hundreds of letters of reference and acclaim (as shown in the attached links) from industry and government leaders (Multiple administrations), Mayors (multiple administrations), Fortune 1000 leaders, Government Agency heads, Community organization executives State assemblies and many more

§ His mobile App, “Democri-C” , with help from Steve Job's office at Apple Computer, was the first refugee to-peer software in the world, in use for disaster communications and regime change worldwide. He has received multiple issued patents on the technology.

§ Created one of the first online “design-to-build” technology for modern home design and construction. Scott, his team and his system were featured in a Discovery Channel TV Series