Social Networks

We built social networks for for networked VR and mission simulator technologies in the 1970’s and received numerous patents on this work.

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We developed Tech-Mate (TM) and commercially delivered it to the public. The first documented mobile device and desktop social network in the 1980’s, a decade before any Silicon Valley social network company had been formed. 


We have worked with a number of well-known companies and partners while developing Social Networks: The first social network VR appliance/furniture: The CyberChair, was featured on the TV Series: The Next Step:

In the 2000’s we built the emergency social network technology to help the local community in Japan recover from the Tsunami catastrophe.  Steve Jobs assisted with that effort. That technology was then migrated to become the largest human rights and refugee resource software in the world:

The U.S. Government spent significant time and resources researching the question of who invented social networks and awarded our team multiple patents on the technology after finding that third party confirmation had verified us as the original inventors. OVER 20 SOCIAL NETWORK AND NETWORKED COLLABORATIVE SOFTWARE PROJECTS DELIVERED

Yahoo signed agreements with Scott to work with him on his innovations for social media networks. Now, the U.S. Patent Office has identified Scott as the first innovator of such networks for mobile devices